How To Create A Faux Marble Effect!

Faux marbling can be done on any surface using Unique Options Furniture and Decor paint.

Great for bench tops, fireplace surroundings, pillars, anywhere you would like!

You will need;
UO Terracotta
UO cockatoo
UO Storm

UO black
UO white patina

UO Gloss sealer
A medium soft paint brush
A sponge

Small artist brush.

Faux Marble effect

First step:

Paint Terracotta over area to be marbled with a medium soft brush.

How to create Marble effect

Second step:

When base coat is dry, sponge cockatoo diagonally across project, while still wet add sponge veins with storm. 

Third Step:

With the artist brush, add some finer veins in the middle of storm veins and soften with sponge.

Faux Marble

Fourth step:

When surface is completely dry, apply 1 coat of Gloss sealer.

Fifth Step:

Apply white patina over surface when sealer is dry, wipe away excess with a slightly damp cloth.  Finish with 2 coats of Gloss sealer.

Your project will look and feel like marble!

Marble finish

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