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How to Create The Sandstone Look!

how to create the sandstone look

You can create the sandstone look quickly and easily just by following these steps!


Step 1:

Clean your Terracotta Pot, making sure it is clean of any dust.


Step 2:

Apply 1 Coat of Unique Options "Classic Quartz" Paint, no need to sand after application.


Step 3:

Sponge Unique Options "Arnhem Ochre" & "Classic Quartz" over the pot, blending as you go.


Step 4:

With a toothbrush (or similar), Flick Unique Options "Hot Chocolate" over the pot, repeating with "Arnhem Ochre" and again with "Classic Quartz".


 Seal with Unique Options Satin Top Coat, for a durable easy clean finish and you're done! It REALLY is that SIMPLE with Unique Options Products!

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