Australian Mineral Paint




Why choose Australian Mineral Paint?

Australian Mineral paint is manufactured in Australia using the highest quality pigments suspended in a high grade acrylic polymer emulsion as the primary binder.

The perfect solution for every project!

Australian Mineral Paint rewards you with ease of use and the confidence of knowing the finish is stable, durable and beautiful!

Whether you are painting for yourself or as a business painting for others, whether it be furniture or decor you can be confident in the lasting durability of the painted piece.

Transform your projects with our premium paint and experience the benefits of using the best mineral paint on the market!

How to apply Australian Mineral Paint 

Clean project to be painted thoroughly, dishwashing liquid is the best product to clean both furniture and decor, removing built up dust and grime and cutting any wax or oil residual.

complete repairs if needed.

Apply Australian Mineral Paint with a brush, roller or spray gun, two coats is generally enough, lighter colours may required three coats if not using Petticoat as the undercoat.

Apply second coat when first coat is dry, 30 to 40 min depending on temperature, time is based on room temperature


Clean Up

Clean brushes and rollers  with warm water and mild soap, alternatively use Unique Options Brush Soap, a gentle brush soap with natural cleaners and conditioners that remove dried paint and conditions the bristles, leaving brushes ultra clean and bristles soft.

 Australian Mineral Paint is available in 500ml, 250 ml and 60 ml containers, coverage is approximately 10 square meters per 500 ml

Australian mineral Paint is water resistant when dry.



our products do not contain petrochemicals, a safer choice for you and our environment, 

PVA Free

Our products do not contain PVA, ensuring a higher quality paint and a chip and scratch resistant durable finish.

NO odour

Paint without unpleasant smells make an enjoyable painting experience.


Colours won’t fade or discolour.

UOPaints quality pigments ensure rich, vibrant colours that remain true over time, your work will look as stunning years later as it did on first day! Colours will not dry lighter or darker than when wet.