Follet - 28cm Elfos Elf – Unique Options
elfos Follet - 28cm Elfos Elf Unique Options Unique Options - Unique Options

Follet - 28cm Elfos Elf

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- Elfos elves are handmade / hand painted so variations may apply-

This family of geniecillos is extended around the Mediterranean coasts. It is believed that, originally, the follets lived in populous and beautiful cities built under the dolmens, taking advantage of their power and energy. Later with the decline of these Elvish cities began their approach to humans. Cheerful and funny, they do not know the owner and they have a good time bothering the women while they spin, damaging the utensils of the houses and scattering objects on the floor. They have special inclination for the female sex and are quite brazen in front of women. There is a possibility that they will change their way of acting and, ceasing to be mischievous, they will become effective and skilled domestic workers. For this we must endure with patience his mischief and make us his friends. Put it in any corner of your house and protect it.