Goblin - 38cm Elfos Elf – Unique Options
elfos Goblin - 38cm Elfos Elf Unique Options Unique Options - Unique Options

Goblin - 38cm Elfos Elf

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- Elfos elves are handmade / hand painted so some variations may apply -

Göblin is kind and harmless, although he feels a weakness for spending heavy jokes. If he gets angry, they can become very naughty, he will hide the house keys, the keys of the car, the wallet ..., all to challenge our memory and that we believe that we have forgotten where we left these objects, when he really has made disappear. Put a piece of bread and butter at your side when you have lost something and he will help you find it. They say that there was a time when the Wizard Merlin lost his rod in the forest, and he desperate, after 8 days of long search, had to ask Göblin for help and that only then he could find it.