Merlin - 38cm Elfos Elf – Unique Options
elfos Merlin - 38cm Elfos Elf Unique Options Unique Options - Unique Options

Merlin - 38cm Elfos Elf

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- Elfos Elves are handmade so variations may apply -

I live in the world of unity, of what is real, where everything is, everything is heard, everything is observed, everything is known, because that Everything is me. You live in the illusory world of Duality. Feeling estranged from everything and vulnerable to life in solitude. Trapped in the networks of time, where everything has a beginning and an end.Always longing to find love without knowing that you are already deeply loved. In my world, which is yours, there is no time, everything is Eternal like your heart. Neither space exists nor, therefore, distance or separation.Like me, you are the creators of your own world, although as you are so trapped in unrealizable dreams, in love desires, in guilt and conflicts of the past, your thoughts do not flow like a river of clear waters, but dense, blurred and unclear. Therefore, uncertainty and pain is what you create again. So listen, listen to your heart because only he contains the wisdom of the whole Universe, because only he will help you Remember. My thought is of a crystalline purity and therefore also created. If you want, I can help you to flow with the current of Life. You only have to pronounce my name and what I am will flow freely through your heart.

Use your power to do good.