Australian Mineral Paint

How to use Australian Mineral Furniture Paint

3 Easy Steps For Prepping Your Project:


  1. Make any repairs necessary.
  2. Clean your project, warm water with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid is all you need to remove dust and any build up of grime or oils.
  3. Sand any loose previous finish and any rough areas to smooth.


Applying Australian Mineral Paint

Apply paint with a soft flat brush or 12mm nap microfibre mini roller. Paint a thin coat in one direction, allow 40 minutes dry time before applying second coat in same way as first coat. After 40 minutes, apply 3rd coat to finish.

You’re done!


Wax and Top Coats can be used if desired, while not necessary for durability, wax and top coats can provide a glow, sheen or gloss to your project.

Easy Distressing

Australian Mineral Paint can be distressed without tearing or chipping, use 180 grit sandpaper to distress, always distress before using a wax or top coat if you chose to use one, otherwise just distress and leave.


Always paint your project with two coats of your chosen colour as a base coat then blend using your favourite technique.

Care and Maintenance of Painted Pieces

Pieces painted with Australian Mineral Paint are useable and durable, allow 5 days cure time before using furniture cleaning methods, pieces can be used and dusted during this time.

Clean Up

Clean brushes, rollers and spills with warm water and mild soap, rinse with water.

 Australian Mineral Paint is available in 500ml containers, coverage is approximately 8 square meters.

 Proudly Australian Made with Australian Raw ingredients.


 Australian Mineral Paint has a very high level of durability, high degree of scratch and stain resistance.



NO odour

Safe to use indoors

UV Resistant

Colours won’t fade or discolour.